Saturday, June 25, 2016

ThingLink: Class Fun!

As the end of the year approaches, teachers are always trying to come up with something new to try in their classroom to commemorate their students, their classes, and their year.  This is SO easy to try, and it is a great way to engage the parents as well.

ThingLink as a video yearbook! (In less than 30 minutes!)

I have to start by saying that this idea did not entirely stem from my own brain; I saw something similar sent home with my niece this year as her kindergarten year comes to an end. It was shared with parents, and parents loved it to much they sent it to ALL the extended family--hence how it ended up on my phone. 

I loved the idea and immediately began texting a friend of mine who teaches 2nd grade.  It was a Friday night, and I am (somewhat) ashamed to admit that our excited conversation took over an hour of our Friday night.  She was ready to go Monday.  Here are her results!

Step One: Set up your account.

It's free! Just connect it to your Google Plus or set up a stand alone account.  Quick.  Easy.

Step Two: Take a pic of your class.


Step Three: Load the main picture into Think Link.

Select Create New.  Select your photo and upload it.  (You can even pull an image off the internet if you are wanting to use Thing Link as a research portal.)

Step Four: Start Adding Videos

Click on your student to add a tag.  Then, "Add Media."  Video record your student talking.  Voila! The play arrow is now a direct link to that student's video. 

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat... until your class is finished.

Helpful Hint: Use a tablet or a phone to make the ThingLink.  Linking to videos is a little easier.  (At least I think so.)


My colleague had the students record videos about the best part of second grade to share with parents and the first graders!

My niece shared what she wanted to be when she grew up.  They even used the Green Screen app and put her in an operating room as she was talking about being a doctor.  So cool!

Have a teacher retiring?  Instead of the notes and books, take a picture and have the students record special messages to the teacher or administrator sharing their favorite memory, what they will miss most, or what they should do in retirement!

Step Five: Save the Image.

Click the save the image button and you will get a sharable link to your ThingLink.  Send it to parents and the school community!

In this case, they actually shared it with the first graders so they would know what to look forward to as they prepare to enter second grade next year!

The Final Product!

I hope this gave you a neat idea about how to end the school year.  As a teacher, I love the idea.  As a parents, I would think this was a pretty neat way to remember the school year!


  1. If I could add, in addition to getting a share link, you can also get the embed code to the ThingLink so you can insert it on a blog or teacher webpage.

    1. Definitely another great way to share it! Thanks for mentioning!