Saturday, June 25, 2016

Quick Ctrl of Chromebook Shortcuts

Chromebook Shortcuts
Can't find your bookmarks bar? Ctrl Shift B --and, POOF! They're back.

Want to bring up your files without going all the menu clicks? Alt Shift M ---and a separate file window will pop up where you can access your drive and your downloads!

Know that student is doing something on their chromebook but when you check all their tabs seem legit? 3 Finger Swipe Down on the mousepad and you have ALL their windows for view.

I wanted to share a few different shortcuts that might make your lives a little easier and faster! There are hundreds more available online, but I tried to give you the most frequently used or most helpful. Hopefully there is at least one new one that will help you out in a new way!

Working with Text
Ctrl A: Select all the text on the page
Ctrl C: Copy the selected text
Ctrl V: Paste the text
Ctrl X: Cut the selected text (It will automatically copy what you cut to your clipboard.)
Ctrl Z: UNDO
Ctrl B: Bold selected text
Ctrl U: Underline selected text
Ctrl I: Italicize selected text
Ctrl-Shift 8: Create bullet points on the fly

General Shortcuts
Ctrl F: A find box will pop up in top right corner, search a word and find in document or webpage
Ctrl P: Print the page
Ctrl R: Reload the page you are working with
Ctrl D: Mark the current page as a bookmark (favorite)
Ctrl L: Select the entire content in the web address bar
Alt-Shift M: Bring up your files window (can get downloaded or drive documents from here)
Ctrl T: Open a new tab in same window
Ctrl N: Open a new window
Ctrl +: Zoom In
Ctrl -: Zoom Out
Ctrl 0: Reset Zoom
Ctrl-Shift L: Locks your computer if you have to step away from it
Ctrl-Shift B: Add or remove the Bookmarks bar

Mousepad Controls:
3 Fingers Swipe Down: Bring up all the windows open on the computer
Swipe Right or Left: go forward or backward between web pages previously visited

Want a downloadable cheat sheet? Click here and ENJOY!

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