Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Quick Mother's Day Writing/Gift Idea

I see so many of my elementary teachers trying desperately to put something together to send home a little Mother's Day gift this coming weekend.  So in a combination of mom and ed tech coach, with a little bit of inspiration from DoInk's Twitter feed, the video Mother's Day card was born.

One of our first grade teachers had her students draw a picture and write about their moms: what they loved about them, what they did together, and what makes them the best.  No doubt, some of them are humorous, but they are genuine.

I took their art and writing to snap a quick photo with just a construction paper background.

Then, we opened up our FAVORITE green screen app, Do Ink, and got to work.

It is super simple and took little to no time at all.

I loaded the picture I had taken of their work into Do Ink, placed the students in front of the green screen (literally a wall painted green in my classroom but a green plastic tablecloth works too) and had them tell me about their moms.

After I recorded all the students, I moved them into a Google Drive folder, changed the share settings, and turned each video recording into a QR code.

From there, the QR codes were passed off to the teacher who printed them and the students put them into Mother's Day cards.

So simple.  So heartfelt.  So adorable.

To all the moms, Happy Mother's Day!

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